To recap last week’s watch list we had 8 winners, 0 losers, and 4 remain open (1 of which depends on where you placed your stop). View the detailed analysis below…

MYGN – Continues to break to new highs
CECO & COCO – Positions remains open. The gap down on Thursday did not trigger our stop since we do not trade the first 15-min bar. After the first 15-min bar closed, we placed a stop under the low of the day.
POT, MOS, BBG – After strong rallies on increasing volume, small pullbacks are making for more potential entry points. If you took profits on a position here don’t be afraid to jump back in once the stocks signals an entry.
MMC – Broke down to a new low the day before earnings, great point to take profits. It is wise to never hold a full position size over earnings.
KBW & FLIR – Both stocks were crushed, and continued lower after earnings hitting our profit targets.
ROG – Moving sideways.
SJT – Beautiful example of a bear flag, once again hitting our profit target.
COST – Made its move lower and it 10 cents away from our profit target, while it may continue lower through our target, if you are holding Feb options keep in mind they will begin deflating extremely fast this week.

For the following week keep these stocks on your radar.
Long (Enter over the high of the low day, stop under the low):


Short (Enter below the low of the high day, stop over the high):