Here are a few more stocks to wrap up the week…MYGN (long)

Ascending Triangle
Entry: Anticipatory trade at $72.60 or a breakout trade at $74.01
Stop: Under swing low
Target: $75
Option Play: FEB 75 Calls
Comments: MYGN has performed strong in this market climate and is about to breakout to a new 52-Wk high.SIVB (short)
Pull Back to Resistance
Entry: $21.24
Stop: Over swing high
Target: $20
Option Play: FEB 22.50 Calls
Comments: SIVB has been in a downtrend and continues to push lower. The stock just released earnings so if it continues to breakdown it remains a great put candidate.

HUBG (short)
Bear Flag
Entry: $18.19

Stop: $20.05
Target: $16.50
Option Play: None, Stock is not available to borrow.

Comments: HUBG has formed a nice bear flag and is looking to consolidate before making its next push lower.