With the NASDAQ acting as the market leader at the moment, we called for AAPL, AMZN, and GOOG to remain on your radar in week 25. The three broke above their 20-Day Moving Averages last week and continued higher.
If you didn’t take the trade, ask yourself why not? Was it because you we’re uncertain of which way the broader market was headed? Did you not have a hedge against your long? Was there something about the stock that was not attractive, an indicator, price point, or fundamental data?

As we close the halfway mark on the year, it is a good time to go back and look at your individual trades (winners AND losers) to see what things you could have done better, where you entered successfully, and where your emotions we’re during the trade to name a few.

Reflecting is key to improving in the future.

New highs outweighed new lows for week 25 about 6:1. Short-term swing trades will likely be the most profitable in the week ahead until the whipsaw action ceases and we break out of the current trading range. We didn’t find many stocks providing entry signals, however we do have a bullish bias and have a few stocks on our radar.


CERN, CPSI, RDY (proceed with caution as they are retesting prior all-time highs which could act as major selling areas)

For those option traders, understanding how “verticals” can limit your risk can be a beneficial way to hedge yourself on a particular stock.