The longs overpowered the shorts last week making some nice gains. Click to see last weeks watchlist in detail.
ARO & XLNX – Broke out and is retesting the old resistance (which is now new support)
BR – Holding sideways
GEOY – Fell back to the prior swing low where a new entry was established over the high of 3/16, earnings are coming up so be warned
SVR – 7 up days in a row and climbing
ADBE – The stock moved higher on earnings news, the stock never broke to the downside, waiting for confirmation helps keep up out of to-be losing trades
BBT – Moving sideways, slowly breaking it’s down trend, no trade here
CALM, ESV & DBD All moved higher before we could place a trade to the short side
CBU – CBU fell nicely on Monday, but began climbing slowly during the week finishing right where it started. A stop above the prior swing high would have kept you in the trade, but with tighter stop over the current swing high, you may have been stopped out. There’s nothing wrong with re entering a trade after being stopped out if the entry signal arises. Sticking to your trade plan is ALWAYS the most important thing so getting stopped out should be looked at as a success when this is the case.