ARO – Sitting right at the 200-MA and showing increasing volume on the current rally. Enter close to $24 with a stop under the prior swing low.

BR – Broke out nicely on good volume. Buy on a pullback at prior resistance around $16.50-$17.00.

HANS and SA are acting similar to BR. Use BR’s chart as a reference when drawing your support and resistance trend lines.
GEOY – Buy on a break of $20.30 (Resistance). The trade can be easily managed with a stop below $18.60.
SVR – Emerging breakout. A move over $15.80 on good volume should send the stock higher.

XLNX – Another emerging breakout that can be played one of two ways. You can try and catch this breakout move if the stop opens even on Monday, or wait for a pullback to prior resistance of the $19 area.


ADBE – If we begin to roll over look for ADBE to fall hard as it approached its down trend line and is showing weakness.

BBT – If BBT breaks below the tail of Friday’s candle then we like this one to the short side. A stop can be placed over the high of Friday’s candle.

CALM – Great inverted hammer on this stock. Typically we’d enter on a break of the low of that candle with a stop over the high. Watch to see if the stock is active relatively weak or strong to the S/P before placing your trade.

ESV – Similar to CALM, we also like the decreasing volume on the rally

CBU and DBD have rallied to their prior support levels making for a great entry to the short side as well.