Another week packed full of news including FOMC Minutes Wednesday. Looking to finally break out of the range we have been in for the past few weeks.
As the month of October comes to a close, we see a market that has been very resilient of a pullback. Since we put in highs in the S&P futures at 1193 we have seen a market that has been quite choppy. With targets at 1201 which should be reached this week, don’t be surprised to see somewhat of a breather or pullback in this market. A pullback and possibly of a trend change could produce some exciting moves for new trader setups in November.

The bulls have defended many crucial pullbacks this month, especially the 1170 level. When looking at the SPY we see a max pain level of 117, which is the most amount of pain or “heat” option traders are willing to take before a trend change. This 117 level also lines up with a failure of a 61.8% line of our last bullish setup, in the /ES, 1169’s. Look for a break or failure of this level for a possibly trend change.