What a crazy week it’s been. Finally all setup and back in the groove, now coming to you from a new location. Scottsdale, AZ. What you don’t see in the photo is the nice view of palm trees and green grass out the window to my left (I snapped the photo at night).

How I Create My Watch Lists

I begin my watch list building by looking at the broader market before I begin. I ask myself “Where are we on the S&P500?.” Are we in a down trend, up trend, sideways? Are we in the middle of a price pattern such as head and shoulders, cup and handle, or reversal?

This is important because it gives you a market sentiment baseline. From there I assess which stocks are acting relatively stronger than the market, these I want to buy, and stocks that are acting relatively weak I look to sell (or buy puts).

Stocks to Watch on 1/19:


Shorts: BMC, SA

Don’t forget to check the earnings calendar as Alcoa (AA) kicked off earnings season last week.

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