As the end of the year rolls around, volume tends to diminish as traders go on holiday. Now is a great time to look back across the year and reflect on things you have accomplished, set goals for 2010, and improve your trading as a whole.

Below are some things you can do as the New Year rolls around to improve your trading

Review your current year goals and evaluate your over/under.
Create new goals: Push your limits, get you out of your comfort zone.
Flip through your notebooks and highlight key points.
Review the years p/l and commission reports.
Make updates and changes to your current trading plan and system.
Analyze your performance.
  (see calculations page in Creating a Trading Plan presentation)
Revamp your notebooks, excel spreadsheets, and word documents.
Any and all of these tasks can be done anytime thought the year, but it is most important to complete them around this time as often times traders forget that reflection is a crucial part of a traders developing success.
Happy Holidays & Happy Trading!