SPY Week 1 Doji

The markets formed a doji in week one of 2012. This is a sign of indecision and could be expected at the onset as traders and hedge funds begin to pick up trading again in the new year. That being said it is the long term investors which drive the long term trend of the markets.

Aside from the intraday and a few small daily trends, we have really gone nowhere in the past year. We saw a few longs fire off last week with a couple shorts from our watch lists.

Nothing significant showed itself over the weekend so we will sit tight with our current positions and patiently wait for the setups to occur. I would rather maximize my profits on the trades I do take rather than try to increase my number of winning trades.

Here are a variety of trading videos for you to enjoy! Everything from swing trading analysis, to intraday price action, the NYSE Tick, live trades, and examples of different indicators.

Check back tomorrow for some stocks to watch this week.