While the media focuses on the Dow, a more accurate gauge of market action is the S/P due to the fact that it is a barometer which contains 500 stocks versus the 30 in the Dow. We have to remember that the market prices in the emotions of traders and investors because it is in essence a balance of greed and fear.

Gold continued its bull run touching $1000 an ounce on the London board. Any pullback into the 90 dollar support range should be buyable. Oil has slowly made its way back up into the 40s so keep an eye on the Oil Services Sector (OSX).
One benefit that economic conditions like this have are the instilling of better business practice, spending habits, and ethical decision making by the people who make the mistakes that got us here. In the years to come we should be able to look back and see the power of free market capitalism as the economy finds its way towards equilibrium.