As we flip through our scans and watchlists we notice many more stocks breaking to 52-week highs than 52-week lows. As a matter of fact, there are hardly any stocks making 52-week lows across the board. Keep looking out for stocks that are relatively strong and weak to the market as a stock’s value is influenced by the rising and sinking tide of the market.

Long: ASML, AWH, BP, BR, BRCM, CYMI, LPL, NTGR, OSK, SBUX, ULTA (w/ caution)

Short: CPA, CTXS

AMZN is on our short radar, keeping in mind that holiday season is soon approaching, this stock is in a short term down trend over the past few months and not acting as strong as it typically has.

For those who took some longs in the double leveraged ETF’s we talked about last week, look to take profits on all or a portion of the trades, tightening stops on the remained at least to at-or-above break even.