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Swing Trading Watch List May 14, 2012

Posted by Published on May 13, 2012

Lots of good names to watch this week. For shorts, let’s wait for a little bounce before getting in. No sense in selling lows. Stocks to Watch Longs: AIRM, AVB, CPT, ELLI, EQR, LQDT, MMS, MSG, OLP, PPG, PSB, PVD, TRV Shorts: APOL, BPL, CDE, CGX, DV, EA, LRE, NAV, NXTM, PBI, TWIN, VRA More to come…

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Swing Trading Watch List – April 23, 2012

Posted by Published on April 23, 2012

Watch for AAPL earnings on Tuesday and the Fed meeting on Wednesday. These will have a big impact on the market direction going forward. Stocks to Watch this Week This is likely to be a more volatile week with the exception of Weds morning due to the Fed meeting. While there are a lot of stocks on this weeks watch list I prefer to filter…

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Swing Trading Watch List – April 12, 2012

Posted by Published on April 12, 2012

Boy it’s been a while. Sorry for the lack of posting these past two weeks. A Little Spring Break Vacation After 3 months of trading I took a nice little vacation out to the Smoky Mountains to do some riding. The weather was great, the roads were epic and the trails were super dialed in. For those interested we stayed in western North Carolina near…

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Swing Trading Watch List – Mar 8, 2012

Posted by Published on March 7, 2012

Some great names setting up on the long and short side. For longs we’re waiting for a break above highs to enter (buy stops work well). I typically give the markets 15-minutes to open up and settle in before placing a trade. If we break highs during this time I will set my buy stop above the 15-min high. For shorts looking to place a…

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