Market Theory

14 Oct

  • The market is simple, supply versus demand, the balance of greed and fear is how price is determined
  • The market is ALWAYS right
  • Trade with the market momentum
  • The market continually retraces
  • Old support acts as new resistance & old resistance acts as new support
  • Always sell what shows you a loss and keep what shows you a profit
  • One trade won’t make you, but can surely break you
  • There will ALWAYS be another trade
  • The prepared trader has the greatest chance for success in the markets
  • Everything needs to be accounted for once the trade is placed
  • There is always more to be learned in the markets
  • No one can predict market moves
  • Fear your loss might turn into a bigger loss, hope your profit may turn into a bigger profit
    Know thyself and thy personality
  • Be patient with profits, quick with losses
  • A man may beat a stock or certain commodity, but no man can beat the stock market

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