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Interview with Paul Rotter: The Most Successful Trader

4 Mar

The biggest trader on the Eurex Paul Rotter is said to be one of the most successful traders of all time, and he does it as a flipper.

Here is a feature story from Trader Monthly magazine in 2004 on Paul Rotter, sadly the magazine has since been discontinued.

You can read more about trading extremely profitable and futures trading for a living over at the EminiMind blog.

Paul Tudor Jones

6 Feb

Here’s a really great documentary video about one of the most successful traders ever, Paul Tudor Jones. Jones is a multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager for Tudor Investment Corporation. Video Interviews

16 Dec

Below are a series of short interviews talking with Trader Tim

1. The Importance of Setting Clear Goals
2. The Intra-day Market Sessions
3. Balancing Personal Time with Your Trading
4. Developing Trading Rules

Trader Interview

13 Feb

Back in October of 2008 I was interviewed by Tim Bourquin of and The Money Show. I delve into my trading strategy, tactics, and market psychology, click below to watch.