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A Short Hiatus: Las Vegas Traders Expo

10 Nov

We will be taking a short hiatus through next week as we attend the Las Vegas Traders Expo. Here’s a list of upcoming webinars and events for your enjoyment.

Happy Birthday America!

1 Jul

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend. Trading around 4th of July is similar to that of Christmas as many traders go on summer holiday. This usually means the markets are still technical (i.e. setups are still working and trading to targets) however be cautious out there and really focus on remaining patient.

I invite you to checkout my Trading Rules eBook and as always, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you in your trading.

Have a fun weekend and thank you for your support of the blog!

Earnings Season Underway with AA

10 Jan

As is tradition Alcoa (AA) kicks off earnings season today. This usually leads to a lot of whipsawing during the open and should be traded with caution. It does pose great for intraday traders and traders playing these news announcements. A full list of earnings announcements can be found here.

4th of July Hiatus

1 Jul

We will be taking some time off for the holiday festivities including a trip to the big easy. We will return on July 12th. In the mean time we’re expecting fireworks in the market as 995 remains our target on the S&P.

NCAA Basketball and Trading

28 Mar

Once adopting the lifestyle of a trader, you begin to relate everything back to trading in one way or another. As we take a look at the unfolding of the college basketball tournament, the amount of upsets and close games this year is phenomenal. Three of the top seeds have been knocked out leaving just Duke as a final contender for the Final Four (as I post this at 4:05 CST the Duke/Baylor game has just begun).

What does this have to do with trading you ask? How many times do you see an overhyped stock (or team) breakdown or an undervalued stock (or underdog) rally? A word to the wise, if the non-professional trading community begins talking about getting long a stock, you (as the wise trader) want to get short.

Costa Rica

28 Mar

Here’s a few photos from our trip to Costa Rica. We stayed in the small surf town of Santa Teresa on the Pacific coast. It was a blast, but we’re ready to resume trading this week!

Traders Expo: Las Vegas!

16 Nov

Traders Expo: Las Vegas!

30 Oct