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A Tribute to All Those Trading the Markets

29 Jul

Tracking Your Trades with Trading Journal Spreadsheets

26 Jul

Do you currently track your trades?

Recording your trades and analyzing your statistics allows you to adapt and improve the efficiency of your trading strategy. Using a tool such as Microsoft Excel can dramatically speed up the learning curve because it allows you to analyze all sorts of data that would take hundreds of hours to uncover by hand.

Below is a look at a great tool, Trading Journal Spreadsheets. For those not tech savvy or just don’t feel like creating all the spreadsheets yourselves, this is a great option.



Track Your Trades:eminimind-trading-journal-spreadsheets-tracking

Identify Errors:eminimind-trading-journal-spreadsheets-error-recognition

Helpful Instructions:eminimind-trading-journal-spreadsheets-instructional-tips

Risk Amount and “R” Multiple Analysis: eminimind-trading-journal-spreadsheets-risk-amount-andr-multiple

Trade Filter:

Easily Input Trades:eminimind-trading-journal-spreadsheets-trade-input

Recording your trades with Trading Journal Spreadsheets allows you to adapt and improve the efficiency of your trading strategy.

Market Internals Setup, NYSE Tick and Market Breadth: Thinkorswim

26 Jul

How To Use Heikin Ashi Charts to Improve Your Trading

7 Jul

Heikin Ashi charts are similar to candlestick charts except the color coding of the bars changes in relation to the prior bar. This makes it much easier to identify the trend changes and pick out technical patterns in the market.

Are We Going to Make New Highs?

5 Jul

Back in May we felt that all signs lead higher however we were just a bit early. Let’s take a closer look at the monthly, weekly, and daily charts of the S&P500 to see why 1431.50 is the new target.

Happy Birthday America!

1 Jul

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend. Trading around 4th of July is similar to that of Christmas as many traders go on summer holiday. This usually means the markets are still technical (i.e. setups are still working and trading to targets) however be cautious out there and really focus on remaining patient.

I invite you to checkout my Trading Rules eBook and as always, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you in your trading.

Have a fun weekend and thank you for your support of the blog!