Archive | June, 2011

A Big Move is Coming in the Euro

24 Jun

The euro is forming a large wedge, or triangle pattern on the daily charts.  As price gets closer and closer to the apex more pressure will build and an explosion of price action will result. Position yourself accordingly. Click the link for more info on price patterns.

Setting up Market Internals

21 Jun

The 4 core market internals consist of:

You can use them to better pinpoint your entry and exits and get a good gauge of the market. In the video below I show how to setup market internals on the thinkorswim platform.

Getting Started in Futures Trading

13 Jun

If you currently trade stock and options you’ve probably pondered the idea of futures trading. I’ve outlined the basics in my post How Futures Work over at EminiMind.

One advantage to trading futures over stock and options is the ease of entry and exit. The futures markets are extremely liquid meaning there are a lot of buyers and sellers at all times making producing tight spreads, quality fills, and less slippage.

If you’re considering trading futures, you may be interested in my guide:  Trading Rules for the ES & 6E Futures. This comprehensive guide outlines the specific rules and setups used to trade these markets.